Gordana Rashovich


Obie Award, NY Drama Desk Nomination, The Theatre World Award, LA Drama Critics Circle Award, Two Drama Logue Awards, LA Weekly Award and Bay Critics Circle Nomination

Whoopi Show
"Rounding out the group is Gordana Rashovich who is drop dead perfect as the status hungry- Russian maid in the hotel."
Linda Stasi, NY Post 

GordanaA Shayna Maidel
If Off Broadway were eligible for Tony Awards, the possibilities for nominations would been have greatly expanded including... Gordana Rashovich
Mel Gussow New York Times

"...some of the finest acting in recent seasons has been inspires by Off Broadway plays: Gordana Rashovich as a concentration camp survivor in "A SHAYNA MAIDEL."
Mel Gussow, New York Times 

"Gordana Rashovich's performance as the Polish sister is a marvel."
Sylviane Gold, Wall St. Journal 

'Gordana Rashovich is RIVETING!'
Leida Snow,WINS

'What gives the play even more resonance are the superb portraits of the two sisters, especially Gordana Rashovich as Luisa.  She gives a haunted and haunting performance, AMONG THE BEST OF THE YEAR'
Michael Kuchwara, AP 

"Central to the play's success, and a riveting stage presence, is Gordana Rashovich. Her performance as Luisa will be the performance to beat in the Spring awards binge."
Larry Ledford, The Monitor 

" Gordana Rashovich ... is absolutely the most adept dramatic actress I have admired in some considerable Hirshfeldtime." Gordon Orlow, WBAU 

" The production at the Westside Arts ... is enhanced by two extraordinary performances from Ms. Rashovich and Mr.Sparer."
Mimi Kramer, New Yorker 

"Rashovich's Luisa is a STUNNING and relentlessly RIVETING portrayal, at once chilling and compassionate." Fern Seigel, NY Tribune 

"Gordana Rashovich has resumed a stunning performance in this off Broadway story of a family divided by Hitler's Holocaust."
Critics' Choices, Time Magazine 

"Weighing in on the comedic side is Gordana Rashovich as the crazy mother who is really more sane than the father." Magg, Variety  

Conversations with My Father 
"Eddie's blissfully unassimilated wife, Gusta, who is enlivened more by the actress Gordana Rashovich's radiant humor and frantic eyes."
Frank Rich, NY Times

GordanaRichard lll  
"...by far the most powerful and true of the women in the production is Gordana Rashovich, whose queenElizabeth alone can match Thomas.  Their Act iV scene, in which Richard proposes to marry her daughter, after having murdered her sons, proves far and away the production's most fiery dual..."
Malcolm L. Johnson,  Hartford Courant 

Master Class / Best Diva
  "...Rashovich was at once transparent and luminous, reflecting McNally's fleeting brilliance while radiating her own ineffable genius.  Her eyes flashing with penetrating zeal and her every gesture and movement perfectly evoking Callas's unparalleled acting technique instead of merely imitating it, Rashovich's rendering of the private, inner Callas also proved sublime. And when she recalled Maria's years of triumph at La Scala, her virtuoso performance reached its zenith as she declared that, as Medea, she "could feel the stones of Epidaurus beneath the floorboards." Beautifully reconciling devine inspiration with human limitation, Rashovich's efforts bespoke an artist's unflinching desire to embrace one's all too frail humanity." Denver Post

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